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Utata-weekend project-concrete

Cisterns are commonly used in areas where water is scarce, either because it is rare or because it has been depleted due to heavy use. Early on, the water was used for many purposes including cooking, irrigation, and washing. Present day cisterns are often only used for irrigation due to concerns over water quality. Cisterns today can also be outfitted with filters or other water purification methods when the water is meant for consumption. It is not uncommon for cisterns to be open in some way in order to catch rain or to include more elaborate rain-catching systems. From Wikipedia

This is the concrete cistern that is on our's connected to the pump named because the pump is stored there. This thing has to be at least 40 years old. It is no longer in use. But a few years ago it started to lean and we had to use a winch to keep it from falling over....Amazing the things I learn the longer I hang out with My Cowboy...hehehe

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