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Before I do all the html details, if you're using Firefox to view Flickr the fastest and most convenient tool for this sort of thing is a Greasemonkey script called Rich Text Edit : userscripts.org/scripts/show/1419

That script puts italic, bold, underline, quote and link format tools over every discussion/comment post window on Flickr.

Now, if you're still reading and really do want to know the technicalities of making a link ....

HTML is all about tags that go at the start of a group of words or letters that tell the browser what the words should look like and do. And then a tag at the end to tell the browser when to stop doing the last instructions.

For example I want to make the word DOG bold. I use a bold "on" tag before the D and a bold "off" tag after the G.

Tags are always surrounded by the less than and greater than symbols. < >

The tag for Bold is a B. And the "off" tag is /B.

So, for my example of how to do a bold DOG your html would look like this:


Links are just a bit trickier, because within the tags you need to include the web address that you want to send the person to. In this example we'll send people to my photos on Flickr.

The "on" tag for a hyperlink is A. And the "off" tag is /A.

The part of the tag that tells the browser the destination address is href="destination url"

Remember it all has to go between < >

So, for my example of how to send people to my Flickr photos the tags would look like this:

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