The woozle hunt

Rachel Irving

The following is an extract from an i.m. conversation between Betty and I, because I'm too lazy to write it all again,

ME:I went for a walk on the beach -2? degrees C to take some Misrachesque style pix
I didn't get anything I really like
on the way home I saw some pinecones and I reached into my pocket for my fold up shopping bag
yes I'm such a grandma that I have a fold up shopping bag
yes I'm such a five yr old that I still collect pine cones
but my treasured shopping bag was gone
so I retraced my frozen steps
it was actually really weird
because I could tell from the sudden change in foot direction when I'd stopped to take a picture
There was a skater
I hope it wasn't a woman because she might have worried I was stalking her... If I didn't look like Roo and behave like a 5 yr old grandma that is.
Oh bollox I have to go and get A&G home for lunch
I'll look for you later

got really distracted
turning around to look for your fold up sack was pretty grandma

... Anyhow after following my footsteps all around the beach I came home, and the bag was here.

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