I am a very giving person. Sometimes I feel that it one of my best gifts from God. Especially when God's creatures find me and ask me, "Feed Me!"

In school, I was a loner. And attracted in loner friends. We were basically strays--not belonging to a group. It was wonderful because we were all so different and we loved each other for it. With everyone trying to conform these days, I guess I was lucky that I didn't. But I am glad that all of us strays were there for each other. Giving each other acceptance and understanding.

As I wait to relocate, I feel like a stray again. I don't belong here, yet it is not yet my time to live there. It is hard to make friends when you do not want to continue growing roots in soil you want to vacate. So I am once again attracted to strays. Or, better yet. they are attracted to me. At least this one is. :o)

This is Whiskers, a stray cat that we feed. She is adorable and I cannot help but love her. Today, it snowed and it hurt not to be able to do more than offer her warm milk and a blanketed outdoor kennel to sleep in. This is all I can give her and my heart wishes I could do more. It makes me angry to wonder if she has an owner that just neglects her. She is always hungry and always outside.

Gotta hate pet allergies. Especially when you are a pet person. :o(

One Love a Day - Day 23: Strays

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