KAP Gear - Unpacked

Tom Benedict

95% of the kite aerial photography I do is far from my car, often miles in on a trail. More often than not there's no trail at all. A lot of the terrain around here involves razor-sharp rocks, trees with thorns, and other hazards that make carrying gear in-hand less than ideal.

Because of this, everything you see here fits into my KAP bag. When I bring framed kites, I've begun strapping them to the outside of my pack so my hands are still free. If I need lighter line, I also include a hoop winder with #100 line on it that straps to the outside of my pack.

This photo was made during Worldwide KAP Week 2009, and reflected the state of my kite aerial photography bag at the time. WWKW 2010 is coming up in September, 2010, and as the contents of my bag have changed somewhat, I'm planning on making a new photograph to reflect this.

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