Dear Old Hat 2

Liz West

Before 2008, I never saw a hat that I liked. I had thick, wavy hair that had so much spring in it that no hat stayed put. But in 2008, I began chemotherapy and lost all my hair. I was cold, and I had to protect my head, so I started looking for hats. After wearing them for almost a year, I discovered that I liked some of them. I'm still on oral chemo, so my hair is totally different from what it was. For instance, it no longer repels hats. I bought this hat a few years ago on a road trip. It was second-hand, but it cost just $5 and was perfect for shielding me from bright sun on hot days. Furthermore, it tied on, so it could not be blown off.

Age finally caught up with my dear old hat. The straw became extremely brittle and pieces started falling off. I guess I need another one. But I'll use this opportunity to say good-bye to an old friend. You were a good hat.

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