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Paul Pomeroy

My daughter and I have been talking about ways to move her (and her husband's) photography business out of the "doing okay" mode it seems to be stuck in. We think it's capable of being in "doing fantastic" mode now ...

One thing we wanted to try was to build their "children's portrait" portfolio. My daughter was able to put together an afternoon session at a local park with 4 families and we photographed each set of kids for a half hour.

This is my favorite (so far) from the day. We had a lot of ideas for photos going in to this but, as we expected, very few of those ideas survived the reality of working with little kids who don't understand what you want of them, don't know how to give you what you want, or just don't feel like cooperating. It took some doing, but I eventually got at least this idea photographed. It's not exactly what I had in mind but it certainly conveys the feeling I was after.

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