White Punch

Russ Morris

World TtV Daze, Winter 2012
January 14-21, 2012

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After a 35 year hiatus, I've picked up the guitar again. I'm gonna take my time with this, but I've already collected 3 cool instruments. A Yamaha FG730S dreadnaught acoustic, an Epiphone Les Paul Junior electric, and the really cool 3-stringed Cigar Box Guitar pictured above that I bought from a builder that lives in Marietta, Georgia named Mike Snowden. All three are so much fun to play with. What's different this time around is I'm going to make an effort to learn a little music theory, not just learn chords.

To start, I'm mixing in a bit of modern technology by downloading the On the Path app to my iPad and going through Steve Postell's Fundamentals of the Guitar series. Jeff Bridges does a nice job of demonstrating the power this app has, check it out.

I know quite of few of you folks are into music, and I'd appreciate any pointers to good info online, books, or just tips in general about learning to play.

One more plug... I found a great resource for recycled seatbelt guitar straps through Etsy, Couch Guitar Straps. They're light, comfortable, with quality construction. Terrific customer service, too.

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