Rachel Irving

I made a new lid for the ottoman yesterday.

I found it in the attic of our first home, a terraced house in Brighton. It was filled with oddments of someone else's life, bits and pieces, snapshots, old papers, Spanish comic books. I don't remember how we got it down from the attic, but we did, and I cleaned it up and we've been dragging it around ever since. Recently the old hardboard of the lid started to crack, so yesterday I made a new one. I used the original curved frame as a guide, it felt odd peeling back the layers of fabric, two that I'd put on there, two before me.

I suppose it's early 1950's it's a very useful piece of furniture anyhow. I'd actually say it's the best piece of furniture I own, it's a nice shape, it's easy to repaint and re-upholster, it holds enormous quantities of stuff, the lid isn't dangerously heavy, it's a comfortable bench. I don't know if it would officially count as post war utility furniture, but I really cannot think of anything more useful.

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