Watch Your Step

Nathan Kendall

On the same day that the two kids fleeing from the police were electrocuted accidently while hiding in a power transfer station (which led to the beginning of the insane riots in the suburbs of Paris), a man was beated to death in front of his wife and kids for taking photos of lamposts for his firm. He happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time - outside a store that was being robbed. Certianly the robbers thought he was taking photos of him and decided to take care of it.

I was aggressed once for taking photos of (what else?) shadows on buildings, and a group of 20somethings started yelling at me that they'd kick my ass if I didn't stop taking photos. They were certianly selling drugs or some other activity (I hadn't even noticed them when I was taking the pictures) and thought the same thing - that I was shooting them.

It's a dangerous world for us photographers, and I tip my hat to those that put themselves in dangerous situations on purpose to get the shot they want.

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