Frank J Sochacki, Jr

I drink coffee, three cups a day. I've been known to have more, sometimes four and a half, or five, but the size of my cup means that's a pot. I try not to do that too much. My introduction to coffee came courtesy of my Grandma (not my Busia), letting me stay up to watch SNL (the real SNL, with the not-ready-for-primetime players), and play Boggle™. Or we'd file our nails. (What can I say, I was 7.) Such an early introduction means I still use enough sugar to give pause to someone who might be watching, thinking it a joke. I'm trying to cut back. Again. I can (and do, occasionally) finish my coffee right before falling asleep, generally about 5 minutes later. Sure, I went through my mid-20's Mountain Dew™ phase, but really, coffee is where it's at.

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