Form and Imagination I

Matthew Redmond

Why is it that we find forms so intriguing, so beautiful? Why do we love order? What is it about geometry, about a simple circle, a triangle, a square--some basic parallel lines--that we find fascinating? And where is it that our idea of these forms come from? No where in nature do we find a perfect sphere, a perfect cube, a perfect tetrahedron. Certainly, we find forms that seem to resemble our ideals of perfection, but how did these ideals, where did this notion of perfection, first originate? We look to the heavens and seem to find order there, but is the order truly natural, or is it order applied to randomness by our own ideas? We also turn to the atomic and subatomic and seem to find perfect order and structure there, but does such order, structure, and perfection really exist, or does it simply seem to exist because of how we perceive it? Is there such thing as natural form and perfection? And what exactly is this idea of form, order, and perfection that we have?

The human imagination just fascinates me... It truly is the most beautiful thing there is, for it is the source of all beauty.

Part II

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