Carrot ^ Carat - Iron Photographer 106 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

The carrot got stuck in my head,
A nice vibrant orange, no, not red.
A cheap Wal*Mart ring,
"Real diamonds!" they sing.
For a caret you'll have to look here. ^

1 - something metallic (I'm pretty sure that's genuine metal.)
2 - a root vegetable (Carrot.)
3 - high key lighting (Bright white love.)

Not from my CSA, because I didn't act quickly enough. Went to the store today, picked up this ring, slapped it on a thin organic carrot and away I went!

This is in celebration of the triple-caret shark you can make in Facebook chat now. Go ahead, try know you want to!

Also, decided on a limerick rather than haiku for this second IP submission this cycle - just because.

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