Lawrence of Myopia - Iron Photographer 113 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

Water on flour,
So many tries, so messy.
You try it sometime!

1 - roshambo (paper pyramid)
2 - something you wear on/over your eyes (two contact lenses)
3 - cinematic aspect ratio (Todd-AO, 2.20:1)

Wet contact lenses fresh out of the pack don't really like getting close to flour-as-sand. I don't really wear contacts, so my boss gave me two of his daily wear lenses. Having never handled them before, I underestimated the surface tension between the water on my fingertip and the water on the lens. They really wanted to stay on my finger! So I pulled out my trusty eyedropper and used it to place each lens right where I wanted it!

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