utata fondue

barbara ender

another effort for utata iron photographer 117

I knew that chocolate fondue pot would come in handy one of these days.
Chocolate sauce is made from fresh cream and dark chocolate in a proportion 2:3 (heat the cream, stir in the chocolate broken into small pieces). I added a small pinch of salt and some chili (you can add any flavouring, cinnamon, whisky, or none at all). Put sauce into small fondue pot over a tealight to keep it runny. It should be thick enough to coat whatever you dip into it. Normally one would dip pieces of fruit, macaroons, cake or other sweet things. Because this was for utata I tried it with feta cheese. I was going to combine mango and cheese but my mango wasn't ripe enough. Fig and cheese wasn't bad. In fact it was quite good. Cheese on its own was better than expected, but I'm not suggesting you offer this to guests.
Thank goodness my husband was absorbed in a rugby match while I was doing this.

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