Bad Dog - Iron Photographer 120 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

He's not really bad,
Just a misunderstood pit;
Gentle as a lamb.

1 - a sock (What's left of it....)
2 - something you wear on your face (He wears his sunglasses at night!)
3 - old-timey (More fun than just sepia.)

It took my subconscious mind a few minutes after seeing IP 120 for the first time, but it came up with the idea of putting glasses on the dog, and getting him to enjoy a sock. He loves socks, but not with sunglasses on. After about 15 minutes, he started gnawing! Good dog....

Fun fact: this is the first IP with my new camera! Canon EOS 7D with my original 50mm f/1.4 lens and battery grip. Photo here: Yummylicious 7D

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