St. Patrick's Day - Iron Photographer 121 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

Lucky Saint Patrick,
Might be the day that he died.
Maybe not lucky?

1 - soap (pretty heart soap!)
2 - something sharp (pins)
3 - lighted by a flashlight (two of 'em...)

I decided to go long-exposure, use a tripod, and only use two flashlights in a relatively dark room. This soap idea, with the shadows and the cross popped into my mind a few minutes after I saw the criteria. I also had this microwave vent filter that the service guy sent to me for free, but which did not fit my microwave. So I used it for IP. The part that took the most time - and really only a few days, so not so bad, was the bar of soap, which I bought off of Etsy:

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