Cast Iron Sepia - Iron Photographer 123 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

Oragami is my thing
I rarely try to hide it.
Put some paper in a pan
I'll even try to fry it!

1 - origami (or folded paper) (It's my thing!)
2 - something heavy (Over 5 pounds of cast iron skillet)
3 - sepia (Vegan, of course)

I love Adobe Camera Raw's ability to finely control the mix-down of color into black and white. I took great pains to make sure that all of the origami paper was of different tones, so that when converted to b&w, each character would look different. However, once I mixed it down and played a bit, I decided the characters read better when they ever evenly toned. Who knew?

I'm actually using three lights in this piece: two big soft boxes, high and 45 degrees, and a spot with a honeycomb just on the handle. I really wanted the handle to "pop," on the third-line yet still be out of focus. I feel it keeps my eyes moving in the piece.

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