the travelling typometer

barbara ender

for utata ip 124
1 - measuring technology
2 - something rolled up
3 - photographed in or on a mode of transportation

In order to look as nonchalant as possible, I unloaded some things from my bag and put them on the little window table to photograph them discreetly. A strange thing happened to my typometer. It has been sitting untouched on my desk for at least 15 years (ever since we stopped using film, I can't remember when, exactly). I disturbed it from its resting place for this photo, and when I had finished, picked all the things up together and put them in my bag. Then at lunch time, I took my bag down to the lake, thinking I'd take another pic on a pedalo. But when I got there, the typometer was nowhere to be found. I've looked high and low, it isn't anywhere. All I can think is that once it had a taste of freedom, it escaped from my bag and is travelling on the train, to and fro between Brig and Geneva airport.

Incidentally, the book is In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje and it is excellent. The Turkish Delight (under the book) was for my colleagues.

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