Tropical Desk Fish

Ken Lunders

Shot for Iron Photographer 125

1 - medicine
2 - office supplies
3 - super-saturated color


This started off innocently enough. I took a box of colored paper clips out of my drawer & started to see how many different colors there were. Seeing the slots in the ends, I thought they might slide together to make little football-like objects. Yeah! That worked out. Not satisfied with just one or two I thought I'd put together all possible combinations of the 8 colors. Then, thinking about hybrids, I separated the ones that were made of two of the same colors from the rest. Having done that I had the brilliant idea. Well, it seemed brilliant at the time to me anyway,. that the plain ones (pure breds) should be surrounded by the hybrids. After a little nudging & prodding they completely revolted and suggested I try something else. Long story short: They made themselves into a fish with a few added pieces. By this time I was getting a headache, and that is where the Ibuprofen came in. I think you can figure out the rest.

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