A Needle Pulling Thread - Iron Photographer 128 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

I'm sure someone else
Will do almost the same thing
And yet, be different

1. A button or buttons (Pretty Yellow Button)
2. Something shiny (Brand New Needle)
3. The color purple (Rich Purple Denim)

I chose the complementary colors yellow and purple, as this has always been a favorite pair of mine. Denim is pretty easy to work with, and sewing on a single button is a snap! Well, it's a button but you get the point....

A cool little fact: while the front of the needle (bottom) is illuminated by my huge soft-box, the back of the needle (top) receives almost all of it's illumination from a huge backdrop panel of white. I tried turning the back strobe off to see what would happen, and it removed some of the dimensionality of the needle, and the back was almost completely in shadow.

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