barbara ender

utata iron photographer 130
1) a kitchen utensil
2) text
3) magnified

inspired by a stiched work by Miranda Argyle and several postings by Questing Beast (Steve)
Questing Beast
(Steve), who brought it to my attention and played on the words
utensil: small egg beater (or whisk)
text: HEART BEAT in Gills Sans, various sizes
magnified: the explanation in utata says "at least one of the items in your photograph needs to be magnified, which means that it needs to be shot through something that makes it appear larger, be it a magnifying glass, a microscope or a glass of water". I forgot my magnifying glass at work and don't have a microscope, and I tried a glass of water but couldn't get it to work. The lens in all the pairs of spectacles we have at home just made the subjects smaller. So I resorted to a reflection in the bowl of a spoon. The text is therefore magnified, but not "taken through..." I hope the ip powers-that-be accept my bending of the rules because this took me hours!

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