IP 146 | the plan was to scare the cows

Martin Suess

This time we had a plan. We are not so much into plans, my girl and I, but this time we had one.

The plan was to go to the Schleich shelf, select a dinosaur (I was hoping she would choose a velociraptor, but would never question her decision), scare the cows in the shelf and take a picture of her over her shoulder. Which didn't turn out to be a good plan in the end.

The first part went well, but I was not able to hold her so that she could reach the cows and hold the camera and take a picture with the same hand holding the camera. Her quilted jacked got in the way as well.

But we had some luck in the end. There was more action happening in this shelf.

This shot features one of my personal heroes - the blacksmith.

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