The Inverse Connection Conundrum

Seldon Scott

Created for the Utata Iron Photographer 150 project. The compulsory elements being...

1 - landscape / cityscape
2 - two things connected by a third thing
3 - inverted color

I'm not a fan of overt processing, nevermind something as over the top as this. These Iron Photographer projects, through their compulsory elements, present a challenge to step outside my comfort zone and try to create something meaningful from those elements. If you'll forgive me, I'll try and rationalise this effort.

The landscape part is easy. a look through my photostream will show I do landscape a lot. While there are any number of thing connected by another thing, in the spirit of IP I'm picking the deliberate connection, not found but made by me. So for the 2nd part, the camera rests on the rope connecting 2 things, my camera and the boat. I also do stranded boats a lot. Somehow a boat on land stands as a metaphor for my own life, being born into a community I'm no longer a fully a part of. A kind of fish (or boat) out of water as it were. The 3rd part? I see a connection between the inverted colour and the boat on land. They're both the wrong way round aren't they?

Ok, so that last bit is a little spurious. Taking the photo with the inverted colour in mind certainly did help me to concentrate on how it *might* look rather than what it does look like and that was a useful exercise. No one ever said Iron Photographer was easy, either in the mind or on the eye.

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