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Ken Lunders

Setup for Iron Photographer 153. The elements being:

1 - a magatama shape
2 - something yellow
3 - emphasize the corner


No tools were harmed in making this photo. My elbow, on the other hand... Well, my elbow really isn't on my other hand. My hand is on the end of my arm where it should be, and usually is when I wake up in the morning. Regardless of where it is, my elbow protested at the extended reach, & the weight of the toolbox as I pulled it out from the bottom shelf of my workbench and decided to become a pain in the ass. No, my elbow is not connected to my ass. It didn't come anywhere near it. Stop thinking like that. Anyway, as I was saying, it got twisted and now demands ibuprofen on a regular basis. Damn demanding elbow. But hey, it was all for IP, and there is little that can be denied when an IP calls.

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