iron photographer 163

Ron Layters

the old ruined explosive store (and cairn) at Danebower Quarry

Iron Photographer is a fortnightly challenge for Utata which involves creating a photograph that includes 3 given elements

For IP 163, the elements are:
1 - a stack
2 - a portal (or door)
3 - heavy grain/noise

Danebower Quarry was last used in 1928, all that remains are a few ruined buildings and a lot of piles of rock fragments.

The round stone building on the right used to be an explosive store, where the gunpowder and dynamite was stored for use. The roof and door are long gone, making for a nice portal.

The stacked cairn on the left was hastily built by myself - Andy Goldsworthy I'm not...
(those rocks might look flat but they're not, and they make an awesome sound as they fall down around you whilst you're mid construction)

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