barbara ender

for utata ip 165
1) luggage
2) the colour red
3) noir

The trunk accompanied me to college in 1966 and has been following me around ever since: Middlesbrough to Wales to Paris to Oxford to Lausanne then Orbe and now Vevey; originally it was grey but I painted it orange in the 1970s when it served as a piece of furniture; I can no longer lock it as I lost the key. My red suitcase-on-wheels has been on every press trip and holiday for the past 15 years, while that cheap plastic checked bag has never been anywhere and did contain clothes for recycling but is now full of my husband's books that I have set aside to share out with friends. The crutches date from when I fell over and sprained an ankle on my way to hospital for an X-ray on my arm.

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