My Dream Camera


This is my new baby; a Canon 5D Mark III. I'm so happy! What an fantastic camera. I'm still learning how to use it.

Very soon, I'll be selling my old XS, but before, I've decided to take a last picture with it. I've also managed to make this my entry into the latest Iron Photographer; IP 166:

1 - something you use in a routine activity or ritual
2 - another thing you use in that same routine activity / ritual
3 - dreamy effect.

I'm also using this to represent my come back to Flickr. I've truly missed this community. I hope to see you more often and participate on more projects.

Here, I've used 2 softboxes, one on the floor and another in front of me - no flashes. To help focusing and composition, I've tethered the camera to the PC and used the EOS Utility software for remote shooting.

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