Fry to remember

VinhGiang V.

Utata IP172 | a pot or a pan, something sentimental, Orton effect (mmm, not best subject for this)

We had an English theater class when I was a student, here in Paris. That year (it's in the late 90's), we put up The Fantasticks, the musical by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, which later I got to see on Sullivan Street, NYC, just before it closed down after thousands of performances. I was El Gallo, the not so evil bandit narrator, wearing a red scarf and matching socks. My friend A. was playing Luisa, the crazy young girl. P. was on the piano and D. was teaching us working as a group, reading between the lines, coming out of ourselves, and occasionally a bit of English grammar.

I can't recall where I found this music box. It plays Try to remember, the opening tune of the show (my song!), and still works just fine despite the layers of dust. What I recall is that it dates back to that time when all we had to do was learn and play, and dream, and be sentimental, and grow, and collect ridiculously corny objects that we'll cherish forever.

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