The Mighty Gastro-Photor and his Faithful Sidekick The Ritter Coagulator!!!

pete rosos

Iron Photographer #178
1 - a gizmo (The all encompassing mighty GASTRO-PHOTOR!)
2 - a doodad (The trusty Ritter Coagulator)
3 - shot in black and white (you don't get much more b/w that Ilford HP5 shot with a gizmo made up of lots of doodads)

With the weight and feel of a large Scandinavian war hammer, the Gastro-Photor is everything you could never imagine and all you could never figure out. I've tried figuring out what it is, and have had no luck. I opened up one of the boxes only to find a label-less jar of an opaque vaseline substance. The Ritter Coagulator obviously coagulates, but what, when, why, and where?

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