A toasty seat in the snow

Thiophene_ Guy

Utata Iron Photographer #189

1 - something with a hole in it (bagel)
2 - toast
3 - shot in/beside/next to a window

The crumbling outhouse at Pawlings farm has an accessible window even though the interior is fenced off. Harry Byrnes snowy photo shows the crumbling structure in winter.

Yodography - Portmanteau of Yoda Photography
"Do or do not. There is no try" Yoda, the Empire strikes back.
Sometimes I have thought about a photo I would like to take but, for limitations of time, film, or something else I have to stop before I get it. I have only one or two chances to get it right. These images I whimsically categorize as Yodography so I can, much later, determine what went differently than my idea and whether it was better or worse for it.

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