Iron Photographer #19

Hats and shadows and loss of color? It must be time for another Iron Photographer - where we separate the men from the ... er ... you know. Here are the elements: 1 - a hat 2 - the shadow of something living 3 - partially desaturated The first element, a hat is fairly straightforward. We will accept any sort of cap, tiara, panama hat, beret, homburg, ten gallon cowboy hat, fedora, bowler, tam o'shanter. But only the headgear; no heads, thank you very much. The second element isn't as tricky as it sounds. A shadow of something living is just that, with a single exception: no human shadows. We don't care if the thing casting the shadow is animal or plant, so long as it's living. No undead plants or animals, please. And yes, the living thing can appear in the frame, but the shadow should be dominant. Finally, we want the photograph to be partially desaturated. By that we mean the entire photograph should be partially desaturated, not just a section of it. Almost every image processing software out there has some provision for desaturation. If yours doesn't, download Picasa; it's free. The final photo should be recognizably desaturated...not entirely, just partially.
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