Juicer eyes its prey (1/2)

Thiophene_ Guy

Moochin Photoman (John Baucher) has fascinating shots of his world viewed through the viewfinder of another camera. This was in mind when I picked up the citrus juicer. View it large if you want to see the texture of the glass.

Utata Iron photographer #191 elements:

1 - a kitchen thing (glass citrus juicer, over the lens)
2 - something orange (an orange)
3 - shot at floor/ground level (floor is white; cabinets brown)

Five frames were averaged, to reduce noise, then the image was inverted and cropped to highlight glass defects and the orange. See the setup and a noise comparison in the comments. After this step, noise reduction (Noiseware) further cleaned the image.

Edit: I initially uploaded the greenish (fluorescent light) version. This was replaced with the light balanced version, but only after a few people had seen it.

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