A Heart So White - Iron Photographer 20 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

Such a fun texture
Remember to work the shot
Pretty, shiny bowl

1 - One to five stones (Single Heart)
2 - Something green (Bowl)
3 - Sunlight (Window)

Sometimes I work the shot more than others. This bowl is so shiny, the sunlight was fairly bright. I wanted to do macro-distance, but the bowl is really big, while the heart is really small. Lots of compromises, back and forth. I'm happy with where things landed.

Went with a 8x10 crop, because there was a "bad tangent" in the upper right, and this crop puts points of interest on the third lines a little better. Plus, the heart is, I guess, a little larger in the frame? All good things.

My first vision was harsh sunlight, maybe lines of sun, broken by window blinds - on and off. Then I realized that would be a dynamic range nightmare, and the bowl is already fairly busy. So, being an overcast day, I still had light, but it was much more manageable.

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