Scarlet mushrooms (Hygrocybe Coccinea?)

Thiophene_ Guy

This photo of red mushrooms, possibly Hygrocybe coccinea, was not as sharp as I wanted. Might the Orton effect used in the recent IP201 challenge make it better?

The elements of Utata's Iron Photographer 201 should include:

1 - something soft (green moss)
2 - something roundish (red mushroom caps)
3 - Orton effect (Picasa's Ortonish)

The original photo had the leaf and adjacent mushroom in focus. The "Ortonish" effect at default settings brings out details in the leaf, by increasing color contrast, while smearing away fine structure.

The vivid color makes it seem like an overdone HDR attempt because the natural color is lurid. You can view an example without the Ortonish effect. Aside: Google's image search returns only flowers and raspberries in the "visually similar" category.

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