In space no one can hear your computer scream

Alan Turner

A second submission to IP203 with the photographic elements of:
1 - a list
2 - a part of something
3 - a shadow

Dealing with a stroppy Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer for beginners
1.Undo the securing screws and remove cover from the primary memory cage SK2001
2.Neutralize the defensive system by cutting the green wire to the lower left on harness 9000
3.Loosen the radiation shield retainers and pull away from the card module
4.Exercise extreme care not to disturb the memory power control module; this module is protected!
5.Access to the temperature regulator plate should now be possible, remove from memory housing
6.Note to positions of the memory modules in case HAL's temperament improves and restoration is to be considered
7.Argue with HAL in a futile attempt make the computer see your reasoning
8.Remember when removing the memory modules not to cover up the sponsors logos
9.Take out (slowly for maximum effect) the cortex and limbic memory modules

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