Its that time of the year again...

Thiophene_ Guy

Halloween is rolling around again soon. For some reason this means kids will be wandering around as ghouls, specters, and assorted imaginary monsters but nary a costume of scary realities like tooth decay, diabetes, or obesity will be found. My six-year-old will have none of the phantoms, preferring instead to dress as a barrel of toxic waste. The best part of an uncommon outfit is you cannot buy it - you have to make it yourself.

This is my second whack at Utata's Iron photographer 204, which requires three elements:

1 - a hood
2 - something on a stick (suckers)
3 - moody color (you be the judge)

The image was underexposed, giving nifty grain, with black light as the only light. The image had over saturated blues which were remedied by adjusting color temperature, decreasing blue luminance, then applying a Fuji Provia 400F profile in DXO filmpack.

What's in the cup?
Tonic water, containing quinine, fluorescing under UV light. It helps light my face from below.

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