Running home (through traffic cones)

Thiophene_ Guy

I have great difficulty composing images for Iron Photographer challenges. Take, for example, the elements of challenge 205:

1 - three similar things
2 - a thing not like the others
3 - shot from ground/floor level

The framing of the challenge has me fixated on things: Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from Dr. Seuss), Thing from the Addams family, Ben Grimm (Thing from the Fantastic Four) and so on. I usually start by looking for the elements in my environment.

First attempt
Here I spotted four things united in purpose (controlling traffic) but separated in form (three cones and one non-cone sign). I added a flagrantly oblivious pedestrian and found an arrangement of elements that is undermined by depth of field. If the background houses and trees had been blurred the elements might have been distinct enough to work. It might be a better image to crop on only the three houses

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