Iron Photographer #21

Elements for Iron Photographer 21: 1 - fruit 2 - something black 3 - close up The first element, fruit, isn't quite as simple as it sounds. I mean, we generally think fruit is fruit. But there is actually a difference between botanical fruit and culinary fruit. There are a lot of things that are technically fruit but are used as vegetables in peas or pumpkins or corn. What we're talking about here is the sort of fruit you eat as fruit. Bananas, plums, strawberries...that sort of thing. The second element is easier. Something black is a black thing. An object that is black. Shadows don't count because a shadow is not an object. Finally, close up means just that; the photograph must be taken from very near the objects in the photograph. Okay, there it is. Now, everybody sing...We all live in a yellow submarine.
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