IP210 | waiting for the bus

Martin Suess

1 - something that grips
2 - a mirror (or other reflective surface)
3 - black and white

www.flickr.com/photos/farbstich/ challenged me to do the International Black and White Challenge.
I have to post 5 bw pictures 5 days in a row and challenge another photographer each day.

Now I am into troubles. I love the challenge but I believe it is bad for ones karma to force others into a snowball system.

But hey, let's change the rules to keep the fun and drop the troubles, shall we?

I call it the International Black and White Challenge - Dead End Edition. The flickr friends I nominate have to post 5 bw pictures in 5 days but are not allowed to challenge others :)

I nominate Seldon today - who already accepted the challenge.

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