Hand Work

Tom Benedict

First, a disclaimer: Never do this at home. Seriously. For that matter, don't do it at work, either. OSHA would not approve.

Second, for the record: No hands were mangled in the making of this photograph.

The elements for Iron Photographer 212 are:

1 - a thing in the palm of your hand
2 - your hand resting on a flat surface
3 - holga-fied

I'm having a bit of fun with this one. A milling table is, by definition, quite flat. So my hand is resting on a flat surface.

The thing in my hand is a chunk of aluminum I'm milling to a flat surface (upon which I could rest my hand?)

And it's Holga-fied. I'm getting a better handle on what this Holga filter is doing, so no more fluorescent green hands.

In machining, "hand work" refers to work done using hand tools, typically after other machining operations have happened. In this case I'd milled five out of the six faces of the block flat, and had broken the edges of the block using a file. (See? Hand work!)

But of course I meant it as a pun.

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