As Found

Tom Benedict

No, I haven't gone off the deep end. These are for an Iron Photographer project on Utata.
The elements for Iron Photographer 212 are:

1 - a thing in the palm of your hand
2 - your hand resting on a flat surface
3 - holga-fied

The question I had to puzzle with on this assignment was figuring out WHY a hand would be resting on a flat surface. That would explain, better than anything else, what would be in the palm. I came up with a couple of answers.

This one's pretty obvious: I read too many mystery novels.

I was going for a pallid cyan cast to the skin and a greenish cast to the light. It was a subtle balance the Holga Photoshop action completely blew away when it over-saturated everything. Ah well. It killed the effect I was after, but it replaced it with something eerie in its own right, so I ran with it.

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