Dreaming of Time Team archaeology

Thiophene_ Guy

I have recently discovered the British archaeological program Time Team. I enjoy watching them dig countless trenches in the earth and, critically, formulate and reformulate hypotheses based on emerging evidence. I can just imagine Phil Harding asserting, "Here's PROOF of antebellum human activity from the bottom layer of this trench!"

Utata's Iron Photographer challenge 212 requests:

1 - a thing in the palm of your hand (an old penny)
2 - your hand resting on a flat surface (cardboard)
3 - holga-fied (Mike Gray's Holga - Kodak T-Max preset, underexposed)

There are also archaeological symbols of dirt (morning coffee grounds), a boot, a trowel for scraping into trenches, and an 1851 penny I ran across in a junk box years ago. Not a valuable coin, as I am told, but still an attractive relic of a rather unattractive period.

Edit: After posting this photo I discovered Wessex Archaeology was involved with Time Team and shares a fascinating record of past and developing work on Flickr.

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