Unlock the Phone

Tom Benedict

Iron Photographer 213:

Required Elements:
1 - Something between my feet
2 - Standing on something elevated
3 - Square format

Lighting this was fun. I wanted back lighting to get a good reflection on the phone, but front light to fill in all the details. I finished my first rev of this when one of my friends walked in to ask what I was doing. When I showed him the picture and described the elements for this IP he pointed out, "I can't tell you're standing on a table." The underside of the table was pitch black.

He helped me set everything back up, this time with an incandescent work light under the table to show that there IS an underside. It turned out better this time, though I did manage to munge my foot jumping off the table.

Oh! My phone still works. Despite the big honkin' drill bit, I managed not to kill it.

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