Ozymandias made of brick

Thiophene_ Guy

Compositional note:
Here I combined an unflattering under-the-chin image with a blank school wall, giving it brick texture. The intent was of a statue collapsed on its side. The composition is similar to A walk in my imagination in using a broad, neutral element of one image to frame/texture an element in the other.

Practicing double exposures for Utata's Iron Photographer 216. I discovered one of my cameras has an in-camera double exposure mode (SCN: multiple exposure) and I'm learning how to use it.

IP 216 compositional elements include:

1 - a body part (chin, neck)
2 - something from nature (tree)
3 - double exposure (in camera)

Technical trivia:

I was not paying attention and a child wandered into the frame. I cloned hair over the face for anonymity.

Thoughts on the XZ-1 SCN: multiple exposure mode

registration by live view overlay of first image
(utility depends on lighting conditions and view screen)
Produces RAW file (caveat below)

does not allow one to modify an existing photo
RAW files it produces are not normal.
(In DXO optics 8 the default tint = -100, changing temp causes R/B/G channel separation in histogram and wild color shifts)
XZ-1 screen inadequate for bright daylight conditions (compositing aid minimally useful)

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