Long forgotten grog

Thiophene_ Guy

Utata's Iron photographer challenge 218 asks for:

1 - something with a curved handle (a rum bottle)
2 - a beverage (a different brand of rum)
3 - toy camera effect (constructed in Lightroom)

I noticed a growth of Xylaria polymorphia in the woods and recalled that some clusters, becaues of their size and shape, resemble a partially buried hand - thus the common name "Dead Man's fingers" Even though I found only tiny specimens I spent an hour wandering through the brush looking for ghoulish clusters, to be posed reaching up from the earth for for piratey things, but to no avail. This was the next best thing.

Technical Trivia
The image was shot using the macro (e.g. microscope) mode, to magnify the tiny fungi, employing the LED light guide.

A toy camera effect was constructed in Lightroom using this article as a guide. Graduated filters reduced sharpness and darkened each edge before mild vignetting was applied to unify them. Faded film look was generated with the curves tool by decreasing blue levels and increasing red then shifting the white balance for warmer colors.

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