Perhaps chess is not so simple...

Thiophene_ Guy

Utata's Iron Photographer project 220 asks for:

1 - a snack (chessmen cookies)
2 - what you're reading now (Recently, at least)
3 - polaroid (aviary "instant" frame)

I recently picked up an omnibus edition of the first five Warlord of Mars books, now in the public domain. They are just as gripping to read as an adult as they were years ago. But the racial aspects are harder to ignore this time around. I have been reading what others think on the topic - perhaps meta reading the book? Unfortunately, Burroughs thought eugenics a good idea. He was also a resident of Hawaii and a proponent of interring Japanese Americans in World War II. (The Futility Closet recently reminded us that the Niihau incident was used to enact the camps and I wonder if it influenced his thinking.) But he recreated all Earthly races on this warlike fantasy world, alongside a few others. The race most closely similar to his own (Therns) had no redeeming characters whatsoever. All others had noble and despicable characters alike, suggesting something other than simple stereotypes were at work.

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