IP228: Making a special brew.

Thiophene_ Guy

Iron Photographer 228 has me wondering about double exposures again. These experiments with the XZ-1's in camera double exposure mode require framing proximate subjects, within 60 seconds, rather than waiting to combine two ideal images. I did discover that the camera allows one to change from normal to macro mode during this time, allowing for quick Orton effect and other weirdness..

IP 228 asks for:
1 - a face (over a lamp)
2 - your usual coffee/tea cup (showing Hokusai's "The Great Wave")
3 - double exposure (performed ex-camera, with software)

How it was done:
An image of me hovering over a lamp, holding a tea bag, was taken. The lamp shade was partially covered with foil so only the top oval of light was apparent. The framing guidelines were used to estimate the width of this oval. A second image of my cup, taken against a dark field (darkened room) was taken to match the first image without scaling. Minor registry tweaking, (additive) combination of the images and cropping gave this result.

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