IP228: 200 years of visual arts

Thiophene_ Guy

20th century cinema meets 18th century art.

Iron Photographer 228 has me wondering about double exposures again. These experiments with the XZ-1's in camera double exposure mode require framing proximate subjects, within 60 seconds, rather than waiting to combine two ideal images. I did discover that the camera allows one to change from normal to macro mode during this time.

IP 228 asks for:
1 - a face (a shirt covered with 1950's era 3D movie goers)
2 - your usual coffee/tea cup (showing Hokusai's "The Great Wave")
3 - double exposure (performed in-camera)

How to: The shirt was draped over the edge of a table, allowing the foreground to be in focus while the background was far enough to dreamily dissolve.

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