Iron Photographer 23

Here are the elements for IP 23: 1 - something liquid 2 - a weapon 3 - shot in a noir style I think something liquid is pretty self explanatory. We're talking about a fluid state of matter. We don't care what the liquid is...water, whisky, watermelon juice, it's up to you. We don't care if it's in a free state or contained in something so long as we can see that it's liquid. The second element, a weapon, is a tad trickier. A weapon can be anything that could be used to hurt somebody. A knife, a letter opener, a wrench, a garrote, a small nuclear device. Again, you get to decide. The final element, that the photograph be shot in a noir style, is purely stylistic. You can find a dandy little wikipedia entry on film noir here. You needn't follow all the classic noir don't have to shoot in black and white, you don't have to include a dame in seamed stockings, you don't have to include a shady guy in a big-shouldered trenchcoat, you only need to keep generally to the noir tradition.
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